Welcome to our restaurant

Crossing the threshold of the restaurant you will get into a nice friendly atmosphere of cozyness, tranquility and good aura. Restaurant halls are located at two levels. On the ground floor there’s
banquet hall for 120 seats, ideal for celebrating birthdays, weddings, banquets, business meetings and corporate parties. The interior of the banquet hall miraculously combines modern and traditional elegance of classic styles. The stuff always tries to help you and your guests to be happy and pleased to recall the hours spent with us. The dishes prepared by chef are so delicious that you want to eat everything. It only takes to try once and you’ll become our client.

Ascending the stone staircase in the basement, you will get into quite a different world. There are four halls different in style and execution which harmoniously pass one another.

The first hall is chacterized with strict columns, capitals and arches made ​​of wood in Baroque style. It is designed for 24 seats. Here, during a delicious dinner, you can watch your favorite music and sports channels.

The second hall is a Boyko room with her ​​charms, folk interior, embroidered towels and pottery. Part of this room is equipped as dancing hall, where you can dance in a circle of friends and acquaintances to the Ukrainian folk music and to the contemporary folk music.

The third hall is designed in the Gothic style that brings thoughts of romantic and gentle conversation. This hall is a favorite place for couples and old friends who have always something to talk about.

Opening the old door with a low arch and bowing your head, you will get into the fourth hall with designer pieces of wood, large windows with stained glass and metal ornaments.

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